Amazon Legends

Traditional stories about fantastic beings are part of the Brazilian folklore. These stories have been handed down orally from generation to generation.
their main characters originated either in Europe or among the Indian tribes .

He is an enormous fire snake, guardian of the fields that kills people who destroy the forest. The Indians also call Boitatá the fire that comes from
cemeteries and swamps.

A handsome, well-dressed young man. Also a night lover and a dancer. He shows up in night-time parties, wearing a hat, to seduce young ladies to
the streams of the Amazon River. Like a gentleman, he flits, enchanting the first pretty, young woman he sees, and takes her down to the river, leaving her pregnant, and never comes back again to see the girl. During the celebrations if a man appears wearing a hat, people ask him to take it
off to make sure he’s not a boto. And when a young girl turns pregnant, and community doesn’t know who the father is, usually people say that
“the father is the Boto”.

Caipora lives in the forest. Those who see him have problems in business. When a project goes wrong people usually say that the responsible person
certainly saw the caipora.

Half woman, half fish, as the mermaid. She is also Called mother of the waters. She has no irresistible voice that seduces men to the depth of the rivers.

A dwarf who has inverted feet, with the heel pointing forwards and the toes backwards . His main mission is to make hunters get lost in the forest. He is the guardian of animal life and trees.

Mula- sem- cabeça
If a woman has a romance with a religious person, she turns into this monstrous creature . It is a mule without the head. It spits fire through the open neck. People believe that the transformations happen on Friday nights.

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